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Understand the function of the belt conveyor protection devices and shortcomings 'up'

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-27
Today, belt conveyor is a transportation equipment in our daily life, it is made up of conveyor belt and drive motor, as well as supporting equipment, control and protection device composed of a set of complete conveyor system, realize the long-distance conveying of materials. In the belt conveyor manufacturers lose below small make up to explain the function of the belt conveyor protection device: 1, the operation condition of the belt conveyor is directly related to production in the process of conveying equipment and personnel safety. How to make the belt conveyor protection device is reliable, steady full play a role in the production run has the extremely important practical significance. Mainly the wandering, anti-slip switch, laceration resistant switch of belt conveyor protection device at a time. The present application situation and the problems existing in the belt conveyor: ( 1) Prevent running deviation switch: prevent running deviation in the process of the switch is used to detect belt conveyor running conveyor belt running deviation degree and a protection device for alarm, sometimes also used to trigger automatically when conveyor belt serious wandering emergency stop. Now in general use running deviation switch switch for travel switch type commonly prevent wandering. The wandering switch according to certain interval ( About 50 m) Fixed installed in on both sides of the belt conveyor, roller part of running deviation switch by the operation of conveyor belt deviation in c edge deflection after extrusion, when roller deflection to - Fixed Angle trigger switch contact action. Often - Belt conveyor running deviation after the switch is normally closed contacts in series connection of belt conveyor points switching control circuit or alarm indication capper: for a very long belt conveyor, sometimes use to run partial packet access switch section along the way.
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