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Types of overhead conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
The types of overhead conveyors are as follows: Anti-slip type: On an anti-slip conveyor, the product is dragged into the anti-slip pocket by gravity when it is lowered. A variety of non-slip components, including rollers, can keep the product in place. Alpine type: Alpine conveyor uses a series of zigzag lifting components that can be gradually raised, which not only can lift the product upwards, but also provides the ability to buffer in the conveyor line for applications with high conveying throughput. Elevator type: After the product is fed by the conveyor on the ground, the elevator vertically lifts the product to the top layer, and then pushes it onto a horizontal loading conveyor on the top layer. This conveyor will transport the product to a specific area and take the product to the next processing station. Hoists are often used in low-volume applications where speed is not a key consideration. Wedge: The wedge conveyor consists of two conveyors installed face to face. After the product is fed to the wedge conveyor, the two conveyors will approach each other and clamp the product from both sides, so that the product can be transported upward, horizontal or downward. The manual crank can be used to fully adjust the wedge components to provide fast switching and flexibility for a variety of product sizes. The product and the way the product needs to be gripped make mandatory requirements for the type of chain, but the wedge conveyor can transport any product, such as aerosol cans, auto parts, glass bottles, and even paper towel rolls.
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