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Types and usage rules of overhead belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-19
There are many types of overhead belt conveyors, such as mountain type, gourd type, belt conveyor and many other types. The manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the usage rules, so as not to affect its service life. Driven form of overhead belt conveyor The drive device of belt conveyor is generally composed of motor, reducer, high-speed and low-speed end coupling, brake (backstop), transmission roller, etc., according to the need to use single roller drive, double roller Drive or multi-roller drive, can be placed in different positions such as the head, tail, middle or lower branch, and can be easily combined. Head structure of overhead belt conveyor The head structure of the whole machine generally adopts fixed, probe type, telescopic type, etc. according to the discharge method. Tail structure of overhead belt conveyor The main structure types of the tail of the whole machine are fixed, telescopic, rotary, etc., which can be installed on the floor or on the floor. Rules for the use of overhead belt conveyor    1. Turn on the switch of the main power supply, and then check whether the power supply of the equipment is normally fed and whether the power indicator light is on. When it is found to be normal, proceed to the next step.  2, when we close the power switch of each circuit, check whether everything is normal. The situation under normal conditions is.  3. According to the normal process, start the electrical equipment in turn. When the previous electrical transmission equipment starts normally, the motor or other equipment has reached the normal speed, and the next electrical equipment is started when it is under normal conditions.  4. In the normal operation of the belt conveyor equipment, we need to abide by some rules of the items in the planned items to be transported, and abide by the planning capabilities of the belt loading conveyor. Secondly, we must pay attention to all types of personnel are not allowed to touch the movement of the belt conveyor, of course, non-professionals are not allowed to touch electrical components, control buttons, etc. at will. In the end, we must not disconnect the inverter during the operation of the belt conveyor. If the need for repair is determined, it is necessary to stop the inverter operation before we can proceed, otherwise the inverter may be damaged.  5. The overhead belt loading conveyor is stopped. Press the stop button and wait for the system to stop before the total power supply can be blocked.  Professional overhead belt conveyor manufacturer Qingzhou Guancheng Heavy Industry can produce various types of belt conveyors, terminal conveyors, transfer conveyors, marine conveyors, etc. Welcome to consult and order.
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