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Types and selection skills of climbing belt conveyors

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-17
The climbing belt conveyor, also known as the climbing belt conveyor, works according to the principle of friction and is mainly used for continuous conveying of materials. In the production process of various production line industries, the climbing belt conveyor plays a transitional role connecting the past and the future, and it is also an important conveying equipment in the production line. Therefore, how to correctly choose the climbing belt conveyor is also very important.   First of all, it is necessary to clarify factors such as the industry targeted by the climbing belt conveyor, the material of the conveyor belt, and the technical parameters of the bandwidth. For example, the conveyor belt is suitable for working environment temperature between -15~40°C, and the material temperature does not exceed 50°C; plastic belt has the advantages of oil, acid, alkali resistance, etc., but it has poor climate adaptability and is easy to slip and age. Belt conveyors can be widely used in modern food, medicine, logistics and other industrial enterprises, with large conveying capacity, simple structure and very convenient use. Secondly, it is necessary to correctly choose the belt speed of the climbing belt loading conveyor. Longer horizontal conveyors should choose a higher belt speed; the greater the conveyor inclination angle and the shorter the conveying distance, the lower the belt speed should be. For example, when the conveying volume is large and the conveyor belt is wide, a higher belt speed should be selected; for materials that are easy to roll, have large particle size, strong abrasiveness, or are prone to dust and require high environmental sanitation conditions, a lower belt speed should be selected. ; When the unloading truck is used, the belt speed should generally not exceed 2.5m/s. When conveying fine materials or small pieces of material, the allowable belt speed is 3.15m/s; when used for feeding or conveying materials with a large amount of dust, The belt speed can be 0.8~1m/s, and it can also be determined according to the material characteristics and process requirements.
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