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Turning plastic mesh belt conveyor is recognized by customers in sports glasses

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-12
The turning plastic mesh belt loading conveyor is suitable for conveying a variety of products. It is widely used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, bolt, nut manufacturing and other industries. The curved plastic mesh belt loading conveyor is recognized by customers in sports glasses. The conveyor can be adjusted according to the amount of material delivered on site, and the conveyor angle can be selected as needed. The characteristics of the turning mesh belt conveyor: the conveying angle is 90 degrees, which saves floor space and reduces power costs. Plastic mesh belt, also called plastic modular mesh belt, is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, which is formed by injection molding and splicing according to customer needs. It is a new type of conveyor belt method that solves the problem of belt deviation and difficult to clean. Not easy shortcomings. Generally, conventional plastic mesh belts are produced with POM plastic raw materials, and POM plastic mesh belts have a certain degree of wear resistance and hardness. The plastic mesh belt conveyor is much better than the traditional belt loading conveyor. The plastic mesh belt (modular plastic mesh belt) is spliced u200bu200bby injection molding and is equipped with a matching transmission sprocket. It has no deviation during transmission and is easier to replace and clean. The characteristic of (plastic mesh belt module plastic mesh belt) is that the sprocket is stuck in the corresponding sprocket groove on the reverse side of the mesh belt for transmission, so it will not run off. The replacement of the plastic mesh belt/module plastic mesh belt is easy because it is assembled with matching pins, so it can be partially replaced according to the damaged part. It is not necessary to replace the entire strip to save you a certain amount of money. The surface of the plastic modular mesh belt is relatively flat and smooth, and it can be washed directly with water and cleaned with certain tools. It can be seen that the turning plastic mesh belt conveyor is an ideal product for a new type of technological and environmentally friendly conveyor, which will be recognized by more users.
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