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Turning belt conveyor design parameters

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-23

Turning with straight line conveyor belt conveyor, which can realize the perfect Angle of delivery, the goods can maintain its relative position, in the process of conveying synchronization transmission. Structure features: has a simple structure, cheap, smooth transmission, low noise characteristics. 

 Application places: especially suitable for the irregular goods transportation, such as bags, bulk, small, etc. Turning belt running deviation prevention with special fan belt wheel ( External bearing addition polymerization formaldehyde POM) Or high-frequency welding guide steel made outside of the conveyor belt conveyor belt running in a dedicated rail, roller adopts special cone type package glue roller, turning belt conveyor can transport variety of materials, can transport a variety of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and so on for small pieces of goods, wide range of USES. Scope of application: widely used in food, beverage, electronics, tobacco and other industries, we can use smaller the diameter of the cylinder, it is more convenient to make the corner connection, perfect solve the transition problem. Manufacturer of this equipment is suitable for flow operation, small and medium-sized logistics delivery of the item, power system using frequency conversion speed regulation system, performance is stable, safe and reliable, simple operation. Linear velocity in 30 meters per minute. Structure features: turning belt conveyor structure has 30 degrees turn belt conveyor, belt conveyor turning 45 degrees 180 degrees, 90 degrees turn belt conveyor, belt conveyor turning, can satisfy the technological requirements of various kinds of turning conveyor. 

Belt conveyor turning conveyor with PVC, PU and other materials, except for ordinary material conveying, also can meet the oil resistant, corrosion resistant, antistatic etc have special requirements of material conveying. Using special food grade conveyor belt, can meet the requirement of food, pharmacy, daily chemical and other industries. Transmission smooth, no relative movement between materials and conveyor belt, to avoid damage to transport material. Compared with other conveyor noise smaller, suitable for requiring more quiet working environment. Simple structure, easy to maintain; Less energy consumption, low use cost.
In the past few decades, container loading machine production has increased because of the use of flexible conveyor system.
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