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Tips for prolonging the life of the turning conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-30
If you can know the tips for extending the life of the turning conveyor, you can save a lot of expenses and costs. Today, the machinery teaches you some tips for extending the life of the turning loading conveyor: 1. The head, tail and intermediate transfer transition of the turning conveyor Improvement: The transition length and transition mode at the head, tail and intermediate transfer of the turning conveyor have a great impact on the service life of the rubber conveyor belt. A reasonable transition design must be made to minimize the blind damage of the rubber conveyor belt to ensure that the rubber conveyor belt does not fold or bulge in the middle, and there is no leakage of materials at the blanking place. 2. The claw pulley at the transition of any concave of the turning loading conveyor. Practice has proved that the horizontal strength of nylon conveyor belt is lacking. When starting, the repelling pulley causes excessive force on the conveyor belt, which causes the loading conveyor belt to be torn. Changing the umbrella of the belt wheel to the belt roller can completely solve this problem. 3. Add a scraping device to the drum. Any scraping device is installed at the reversing roller along the turning conveyor belt to eliminate the problem of material adhesion at the reversing roller and solve the local damage of the turning conveyor belt caused by the sticky material of the roller.
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flexible conveyor system are less complex compared with container loading machine.
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