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Times up and down speed chain cycle hoist design is introduced

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-10-04
Use the smallest space to develop automation integrator of our customers are facing common challenges; Reduce the area of conveyor system is the solution. Considering in the elevator applications to complete the task, to significantly reduce the conveyor needed to complete the process outside the main area. This solution can help: eliminate the complexity of process or layout efficiency simplify the operation and maintenance to save space on an assembly line to reduce ground space of the conveyor many design engineers do not know in the automatic conveying system elevator used in another way: using multiple steps within the unit or system, no need for wider conveyor or additional sites and/or robot. Because our ascension of mechanical and electrical machine is servo drive, so we can smoothly and precisely to stop the deck motion. This many function for the design engineer opened the door, that we can use pallet elevator for multitasking, and add two more lines as smooth switching branches. Industry standard pneumatic lift can only be completed two stops, and both stop not smooth. Simplify training and maintain smooth switching is a traditional part of the chain drive - times the speed In addition to its closely integrated with the conveyor belt. Have certain advantages: the first, service parts with the rest of the conveyor is the same. Second, you don't need to take multiple parts from multiple vendors and integrate them together. Third, you only need to train maintenance personnel to repair the company's conveyor, motor and controller. So, why don't other conveyor manufacturers to provide this type of solution? Who knows? For us, this seems to be many integrators are faced with the problem of obvious solution. Understand the innovation of the motion control of conveyor custom conveyor options for how to help the design engineer to solve challenges, while maintaining cost meets customer's budget. Integrators our mission is to fill this gap, we make sure we are conveyor creative solutions when there is a need for expert resources. When we provide integrators offer, we help concept innovation of multifunctional conveyor solutions as part of our process. This is our work. For non-traditional solutions or conveyor, by most standards, require complex or custom component, application of a simple but flexible options to create custom standard options, are usually more efficient, more cost effective, and save space.
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