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Times the speed chain: how to maintain assembly line item

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-11
Times the speed chain of assembly line production line is often referred to as: the fluid conveying system times the speed chain conveyor, mainly used for assembly and processing production line of conveying, the conveying principle is to use times the speed of the chain growth function, supporting the goods on the tooling plate fast run, stop in the corresponding operation via the block position; Or through the corresponding instructions to complete the product movement and migration, transfer, transfer line, etc. Now many of the factory will use some equipment to make production more efficient and fast production, said it was important to the device will have to mention a, that is the assembly line. In almost every sector of the production line will see its existence, but in our daily life how to better to maintain the assembly line? Let it can work better for us. Below is about the maintenance of the assembly line. When it comes to maintenance, have to mention some of its features, here are some of its characteristics: 1, the continuous high efficiency: assembly line production process is continuous repeated according to certain rhythm, its operation is efficient and has a strong rhythm. Generally do not allow the discontinuity in the middle. Basic does not allow products so long waiting time and equipment processing interval of time. So the assembly line for all kinds of interference factor ( Such as spare parts quality and material distribution is not allowed or wrong materials often lead to stop line) And the amount of time, usually is used to measure lines or production production of comprehensive evaluation index. 2, balance: assembly line production capacity of each process is balanced, proportional, not allow the existence of the bottleneck, and required to produce the material delivery must be according to the beat, accurate quantity, qualified distribution in place on time. 3, simple unidirectional: assembly line production only one or a few process structures similar to that of series of products, and the material only to move in one direction. 4, dominant: production process of all kinds of auxiliary material distribution activities are around the line as the center, raw materials, parts and components according to requirements from all the radioactive distribution online, and online products are in motion, workers are relatively fixed, assembly line is & other; By server & throughout; 。 Second, the assembly line motor, chain, reducer parts can be said to be the core of the whole assembly line equipment; Relative to the whole assembly line equipment spare parts, need to know some basic maintenance and maintenance method. 1, the line head reducer of repair and maintenance methods: used for the first time in about three months net, put the oil in the reducer reducer with diesel or gasoline cleaning inside, put the net after the new lubricating oil to the middle of the window immediately. A year after the lubricating oil in it again. Lubricating oil too much may cause fever reducer, motor overload causes jumped protection switch. Lubricating oil could trigger a little fever reducer, increase noise reducer hanged and scrap. 2, the chain of repair and maintenance methods: chain after running for a long time may cause the original lubricating oil heating volatilization, and cause chain imbalance in the operation process, increase noise, creep, etc. At this time, can open the tail sealing board, to the chain with butter or a bit stronger lubricating oil and so on. 3, the most important thing is not to cutting machine, the water can't on the machine with diesel and liquid organic compound, because it can lead to damage of the insulation of the motor and a failure. The rest of the tracing electrical manual motor maintenance and maintenance.
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