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Things to pay attention to when installing the sieve

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-18
2012-07-09 08:21:38 Vibrating screening machinery is used for various operations that require screening treatment. It can effectively screen out different products, ensure high-quality products of the company, and enhance the competitiveness of the company. Install the inertial vibration feed hopper of the screen machine to check the complete and damaged conditions of the equipment. The supporting frame of the screen machine should be placed on a solid level ground to support the working load of the screen machine and ensure that the distance between the screen box and the hopper, trough and other parts of the screen machine is more than 75mm. After the screen machine is installed, pay attention to the left and right level of the screen surface. It must be in a horizontal state. If it is not in a horizontal state, pad some gaskets between the spring seat and the support to level it. The spring is in a vertical form, and the fixing frame is fixed in the screen box. On the trunnion, the driving direction is set to stand at the feeding end, the left-hand side is left-hand drive, and the right-hand side is right-hand drive. The exciter must be turned by hand before commissioning. It can be turned on when it rotates flexibly and without jamming. After the lifter is installed, it should be operated empty for more than 2 hours to observe the stability of the equipment and whether there is any abnormal noise. The screening operation can be carried out when it is normal. You can contact us to purchase vibrating screens, lifting equipment, and screw conveyors. We will provide customers with enthusiastic service and high-quality after-sales service.
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