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Things to pay attention to when choosing a biscuit belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-31
With the broadcast of major food advertisements, it has promoted the best-selling of food, and also promoted the development and progress of the biscuit production line. The biscuit production line is also combined by numerous conveying equipment, such as belt conveyors, screw conveyors, and roller conveyors. Machine and mesh belt loading conveyor and chain conveyor, etc. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of conveying equipment for conveying beverages and food, with many years of rich experience and technology. There are many types of belt conveyors used in the biscuit production line, including linear belt conveyors, turning belt conveyors, climbing belt conveyors, etc. Food manufacturers can choose different types of conveyors according to the needs of conveying materials. Machine to meet the needs. When choosing a biscuit belt conveyor, the first choice is to understand the size of the area, the conveying capacity, the scope of use, and the conveying efficiency, and whether it can meet the requirements of powder, small block, paste and liquid materials. In addition, you need to look at the base belt when purchasing, and then look at the partitions and skirts. During the conveying process of the belt conveyor, the base belt mainly bears the tensile force, which plays a very important role in its use effect. If the rigidity is small, it just causes the loading conveyor belt to deform laterally, causing material scattering and other phenomena. Generally, the core layer is required to be at least 6 layers or more. Look at the number of core layers at least 6 layers. Look at the partitions and skirts, choose according to the conveying capacity of the conveyor, determine the height of the skirts, the size of the partitions, the size of the effective bandwidth and other factors. Since the ribs of the biscuit belt loading conveyor are used to prevent the material from being scattered, the covering belt should be used when the degree exceeds 70 degrees. (The advantage of using the covering belt prevents leakage of materials from causing damage to the base belt; at the same time, it can increase the transportation volume of materials) . Biscuit large inclination side rib belt conveyor requires much higher roller requirements than flat belts. If the belts of the same type are used, the rollers are larger than those of flat belts. The base belt of the corrugated sidewall conveyor mainly bears the tensile force, but its lateral rigidity also plays a very important role in the performance and effect during use. If the rigidity of the conveyor belt is too small, it will cause the conveyor belt to deform laterally, causing material spattering and other phenomena. (If you choose CC-56 cotton canvas layer conveyor belt, the breaking strength is 56N/mm, the number of core layers is at least 6 layers-including 6 layers, the thickness of the upper cover is 4.5mm or more, and the thickness of the lower cover is more than 1.5mm). In addition, the large inclination rib conveyor can work in an environment with an inclination angle of zero degrees to ninety degrees to achieve an unreachable conveying angle, further reducing engineering costs, shortening the conveying distance, and saving manpower.
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