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Theoretical conveying capacity of screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-02-20
The theoretical slagging capacity of the screw conveyor can be calculated by the following formula:
Qu003dπ4×D2-d2×P-t×n×60, volume ratio ηu003d100%. In the process of excavation,

the actual maximum unearthed quantity can be calculated by the following formula:
(Assumed to be at the maximum excavation speed) Q1u003dπ4×Ds2×ν×60.

Where: D- the inner diameter of the screw conveyor; d- the diameter of the central shaft of the screw conveyor; p- the pitch of the screw; t- the thickness of the screw blade of the screw loading conveyor; n- the maximum speed of the screw conveyor, shield The excavation diameter of the machine and the maximum propulsion speed of the shield machine.

The calculation parameters provided by the shield machine this time are: Du003d0.8m; du003d276mm; Pu003d640mm; tu003d40mm; nu003d16rpm, 6.3m, 0.08m/min.

Calculation results: The theoretical conveying capacity of the screw conveyor Qu003d280m3/h (ηu003d100%), the theoretical slag output of the shield machine at the highest driving speed: Q1(100%)u003d150m3/ h, Q1(130%)u003d195m3/h, the safety factor is 1.43.

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