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The Value Reflection of Electric Roller Conveyor in Construction

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-28

Ningbo Xingshunde, a professional manufacturer of electric roller conveyors, the author will share with you the classification of electric roller conveyors and their value in modernization construction. The classification of electric roller conveyors can be carried out from four aspects. The first aspect is the difference in the cooling method of the motor. The second aspect is the difference in the transmission structure of the reducer. The third aspect can be based on the environmental characteristics of the electric roller conveyor. To distinguish, the fourth aspect is that the position of the motor setting is different.

and each category also includes multiple types. First of all, from the perspective of motor cooling methods, electric roller conveyors can also be divided into air-cooled, oil-immersed, oil-cooled and so on. Looking at the reducer structure of electric roller conveyors, there are roughly three types, including light weight, small volume, and strong load capacity. Reliable fixed-axis gear drive electric drum conveyor and Chinese characteristic cycloid pinwheel drive electric drum conveyor with small linear speed.

The wide application of electric roller conveyors can effectively improve the power efficiency of transportation equipment. Electric roller conveyors have great value in modern construction. In the process of China's modernization construction, the continuous development of electric equipment will continuously improve the production efficiency. The electric roller conveyor is a new type of motor drive system, which can place the motor and the reducer at the same time inside the roller conveyor object. drive.

The main function of the current electric roller conveyor in China is to replace the traditional electric motor operation , to separate and drive the reducer outside the roller conveyor to complete the operation, and play a very important driving role in the operation of the fixed belt loading conveyor and the mobile belt conveyor. Compared with the traditional electric motor, the electric roller conveyor has many superior characteristics, such as the compact structure can improve the driving efficiency, the low noise can effectively improve the working environment, the strong operation stability can prolong the service life, the sealing effect is good, and the Occupy too much space, easy to install and operate, safe and reliable in operation, and can adapt to normal operation in various harsh environments such as dust, mud or humidity. To understand the application range and applicable conditions of electric roller conveyors, please click to see Ningbo YiFan is a first-class roller conveyor manufacturer. For more information on roller conveyors, please visit our official website

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