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The use and working principle of vertical conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-20
Vertical conveyors continuously convey materials vertically, so that continuous conveyors at different heights maintain uninterrupted material conveying. It can be understood that the vertical conveyor is an important device that connects the loading conveyor system between different floors into a larger continuous conveyor system. Vertical conveyors are also called continuous vertical conveyors and reciprocating vertical conveyors. Features: Tight structure, small floor space, easy process layout. Scope of work: continuous and uninterrupted transportation of single items between floors. It is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, low operating cost, and effectively reduces transportation costs. The material can be conveyed upwards or downwards. Vertical conveyor is a new type of vertical conveying equipment, widely used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, food, machinery, medicine, food and other industries. It is used for vertical lifting operations of powdery and granular materials, and the conveyor can also perform drying and cooling operations on the materials. The vibration motor of the driving device is installed at the lower part of the conveying tower. Two vibration motors are installed symmetrically and crosswise. The conveying tower is composed of a pipe body and a spiral conveying groove welded around the pipe body. The conveying tower is seated on a vibration damping device. The vibration damping device is composed of a base and It is composed of vibration isolation springs. When the vertical loading conveyor is in operation, the vibration motor generates the exciting force according to the principle of self-synchronization of the dual vibration motors. The space compound vibration that forces the entire conveying tower to make horizontal circular movement and upward vertical movement. The material in the spiral groove is subjected to the action of the conveying groove and makes a uniform throwing circular motion, moving upward along the conveying groove, thereby completing the upward movement of the material ( Or down) transport operations.
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