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The type of conveyor and choice

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-07-30
Conveyor has a long history. When the ancient egyptians build the pyramids, they started to use the principle of 'to' mobile stone, now the conveyor has been widely used in various industries, such as mine port and dock automatic production lines. As for the construction of the logistics center becomes automation and energy transmission system, a lot of conveyor has been put into use. Conveyor has a screw conveyor, roller drum conveyor, roller conveyor, etc. In general, conveyor can be continuous conveyor conveyor of the item. Conveyer can be defined as: with the above as a machine on the surface of the support structure, and used to carry the goods to move; Conveyor industry abroad, the definition of the conveyor is: from arbitrary load to unload, and through the fixed route, packaging and other bulk cargo transportation in the inclined and vertical way; Machinery and equipment in the emphasis on two things: from loading to unloading place; According to set the route of the cargo of machinery; Conveyor significant features are: in the interval continuous transmission, accurate delivery time; Conveyor classification according to the drive mode, can be divided into two broad categories: gravity drive and power drive. According to the structure mode of transmission: table is also called table or table; Through the ends of the roller of the centerline of shaft fixed on the around stents, and roller are separated by fixed. The arrangement of a roller conveyor. Roller: also known as the idle wheel or roller; It was in the two upright installation of pipe cutting through the bearing structure. According to the shape of the rolls, the straight line can be divided into linear and conical roller conveyor type linear, corners can be classified as conical roller conveyor. According to the use of occasions, rolls are made of steel, aluminum, stainless steel resin and other materials. According to the drive way, divided into two categories: roller conveyor gravity ( Drive) Roller conveyor and power ( Drive) Roller conveyor. Gravity roller conveyor is a machine to transport goods by its own weight continuous. Strictly speaking, when the tilt conveyor, is by the weight of transport goods; And when the conveyor level, it is not depend on gravity, relying instead on manpower. Move objects or other external forces. Gravity roller conveyor is don't need the power, the advantages of simple structure, low maintenance cost, the cost is low, the layout is easy to change. However, there is the following problem: due to the use of dead weight on the inclined roller conveyor move objects, so the conveyor, the longer due to the acceleration of the faster speed; Weight of the mobile speed, light material movement speed is slow or not. When when carrying heavy items at the same time by the roller conveyor, the difference in the weight of the goods, due to differences in speed, goods will collide, resulting in items damaged or out from the roller. Because the cartons are easy to absorb moisture, roller conveyor is inclined, even, because the humidity of the rainy season and dry season change, and there will be things move and stop; Design of gravity roller conveyor inclination by the automatic movement of the slope, said its value will vary depending on the transport of goods by the temperature and humidity changes. State and external temperature and humidity changes slightly, so is difficult to determine the value. Gravity roller conveyor according to the site to use to use a different material, the roller into various ( Material) Gravity roller conveyor series,
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