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The turning conveyor is the first problem to solve in the design of the production line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-14
In many companies, when our workshop space is not large enough, the turning loading conveyor is a good choice. The design of a production line is a difficult problem. It is necessary to save space and be convenient and practical. There are many food processing plants that do this. Let’s take a look at the advantages of curved conveyors: On the whole, the dynamic performance of curved conveyors is better than that of linear conveyors, because I know the physics. From a point of view, the thing that consumes the most power is to make the object change its original state of motion. That is to say, if the principle object is static, then letting the object move is the one that consumes the most kinetic energy. If the object keeps moving at a constant speed, let it proceed Turning also consumes more kinetic energy than it has been moving at an average speed, so the power performance of the turning conveyor is still very sufficient. But this dynamic performance is also determined according to the size of the turn and the specific radius, because in order to ensure the accurate level of the conveyed items, if the speed cannot be too fast, the conveyed items will leave the original position due to the influence of centrifugal force. It is not allowed to cause errors in the transportation position. The running speed of the turning loading conveyor is guaranteed without any impact on the objects. This is usually done by a brand with quality assurance, so when I want to buy a turning conveyor. Or in your production line design, you must learn more about the characteristics of the turning conveyor before you make a decision, so as to ensure the maximum use of the turning loading conveyor. Therefore, the turning conveyor is the primary problem to be solved in the design of the production line.
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