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The structure of the scraper conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-23
Regarding the introduction of the structure of the scraper conveyor, today I will share with you a related explanation about the installation and assembly structure of the scraper conveyor. Many customers have not understood the structure of the equipment before purchasing, so that the later installation and disassembly have a lot of problems. If you understand, let’s take a brief look at it below. Precautions for underground installation and debugging of the structure of the scraper conveyor: The underground installation and debugging of the structure of the scraper conveyor can be carried out in the order of ground installation and debugging; use the side of the well for installation to avoid parts from being inserted up and down. Accumulate in the trough; try to lay the structure of the scraper conveyor straight to ensure its reliability and life; first carry out no-load operation for 1-2h, and the operating conditions should meet the requirements; carry out multi-machine linkage load operation 4h, and perform the following inspections: 1 all components are tight and not loose; 2 the tightness of the two scraper chains is basically the same; 3 the temperature of the motor, reducer, sprocket shaft and other parts must not exceed the allowable value of 75°c; 4 electrical The system works normally; 5 tighten the chain again, and the tightness can be carried out according to the specified full load length. The bottom of the chain under the chain should loosen the two chain links at the bottom of the chain, otherwise the chain needs to be tightened again. After debugging all parts, it can be put into normal use. The normal operation of the scraper conveyor is disturbed by certain factors, but the mechanical equipment requires efficiency and working quality. In order to ensure rapid discharge, low residual volume, low energy consumption and less pollution, some problems must be paid attention to in the design and use of the scraper conveyor. How do we ensure the quality of the scraper conveyor? The following factors should be avoided: 1. The feeding step and feeding position of the scraper conveyor 2. The ratio of the feed volume of the scraper conveyor to the geometric volume of the mixing drum 3. The scraper conveying The structure of the machine 4. The configuration and arrangement of the geometric mixing blades 5. The mixing speed and the wear of the blade liner The scraper conveyor is roughly divided into the drive part (motor and reducer), spiral body, shell, tail bearing, Suspension bearings, etc. The price of a scraper conveyor is usually related to the length, size and material of the screw conveyor. When purchasing a scraper loading conveyor, the customer needs to provide the following points for selection. 1. Provide the distance required to transport the material (distance between the entrance and exit) 2. The amount of material to be transported per hour and the density of the material (for the size of the spiral) 3. Whether the transported material is sticky, entangled and corroded. The above is the introduction of the structure of the scraper loading conveyor. We hope to help everyone. You can contact us directly if you have any frequently encountered problems during the use of the scraper conveyor. The machinery focuses on the production and Ru0026D of the conveyor. ,Looking forward to your arrival.
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