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The structure of belt conveyer buffer roller and characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-10

cushion belt conveyor roller structure and characteristics of the
1, the product use:
in gap buffer roller used in belt conveyor transport link, set up a full in the whereabouts of the coal flow between the rotary buffer device, the equivalent of the continuous falling coal flow split into two, effectively reduce the coal flow to transport by feeding point terminal velocity. In transmission system, the process arrangement requirements there is inevitably large gap transshipment point, set up the buffer roller, can greatly improve the operating conditions.

2, product structure:
buffer flow tube consists of chassis, rotor and transmission parts, rotor through ten oldham coupling are connected to the planetary cycloidal reducer, the rotor, chassis adopts welded structure, compact structure, easy processing, impact resistance, wear resistance. Casing is enclosed, provided with inspection door.

3, product characteristics:
on the conveyor system transshipment point, as a result of the coal flow free fall will drive the coal and attract the surrounding air into the pipe, positive pressure at the bottom of the coal drop pipe, from a crack in the groove guide coal exports and other overflow, this caused by the coal flow is called induction air volume. Test points out that the induced air flow is proportional to the height difference of transshipment point, after the transshipment point setting buffer roller, because the gap is reduced, induced air volume reduction, which can reduce the transshipment point of coal drop pipe dust spillover, dust concentration is beneficial to environment, improve working conditions. At the same time, as a result of the coal terminal velocity is reduced, can reduce the impact on the belt conveyor by feeding point, improve the working conditions, to extend the tape machine and the material life period of buffer roller and other parts.
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