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The stainless steel chain conveyor is recognized by the manufacturer in the beer production line

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-09-01
The stainless steel chain plate loading conveyor is widely used in beer production lines. The conveying equipment uses standard stainless steel chain plates as the load-bearing surface and is driven by a motor reducer; it can be paralleled by multiple rows of stainless steel chain plates, making the stainless steel chain plate conveyor very useful It is wide and forms a differential speed. Using the speed difference of multiple rows of stainless steel chain plates, the multi-row conveying becomes a single-row conveying without squeezing, so as to meet the requirements of single-row conveying for beverage labeling, filling, cleaning and other equipment. The head and tail of the two stainless steel chain conveyors are made into overlapping mixing chains to make the bottle (tank) body in a dynamic transition state, so that no material is retained on the conveying line, and can meet the pressure and pressure-free conveying of empty bottles and solid bottles. The widths of stainless steel chain plates are 63.5mm, 82.6mm, 101.6mm, 114.3mm, 152.4mm, 190.5mm, 254mm, 304.8mm; materials are 201, 304, 316, 316L and other stainless steel materials. Different types of chain plates can be selected to fulfill the requirements of linear conveying, turning conveying, lifting conveying, and lowering conveying. Stainless steel chain conveyors are also widely used in the automatic conveying, distribution, and downstream packaging of food, cans, medicines, beverages, cosmetics and detergents, paper products, condiments, dairy and tobacco, etc. The conveying capacity is large, it can carry a large load, the conveying speed is accurate and stable, and it can ensure accurate synchronous conveying. The equipment layout is flexible and can complete horizontal, inclined and turning conveying on one conveying line.
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