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The solution to the oil leakage of the reducer of the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-05

It is unavoidable that there are some faults in the use of the conveyor. The fault of the conveyor needs to be checked in time. Of course, the fault of the loading conveyor is different due to the type and type of the conveyor. Therefore, the failures in the process of use are also different. Of course, some of them are similar. Today, we will explain what causes the oil leakage of the reducer of the loading conveyor, and how to deal with it? (News recommendation: Reasons for belt tearing of belt conveyors and preventive measures)

The main reason for this situation is the seal inside the reducer of the conveyor The ring is damaged or the joint surface of the reducer's chassis is uneven, which leads to the phenomenon that the sealing bolts cannot be tightened, so that the desired sealing effect cannot be achieved, and the sealing effect cannot be achieved. Will cause oil leakage.

This approach is to first carefully check the specific parts of the oil leak in a timely manner. After checking, if the sealing ring is found to be damaged, then The sealing ring needs to be replaced.

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