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The shaftless screw conveyor that transports two tons of clay per hour is more convenient than operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-06
06-21 17:53:53    Shaftless screw loading conveyor is one of the most common conveying equipment in the current industry. It concentrates the large volume of fixed conveyors and combines the flexibility and convenience of mobile conveyors. It is widely used Cement, sludge, clay, fly ash, lime powder and other industries. The transportation capacity per hour is 2 tons, which basically meets the needs of most users. Excellent structural design, atmospheric appearance and structure, convenient operation is more than just operation, but also has many advantages such as high efficiency, high production, intelligence, and environmental protection. It is equipped in the industry. Loved and affirmed by users. 1. It is not only convenient operation, durable quality and simpler and more convenient maintenance. The 2 tons shaftless screw conveyor conveying per hour also brings users durable structural quality, efficient production effects, and pollution-free work created. surroundings. a. Convenient operation: integrated unit structure design, small footprint, more flexible movement, quick entry into the work site, quick entry into the working state;    b. Efficient production: ingenuity and craftsmanship, the hourly conveying capacity is 2t shaftless screw conveying The machine allows users to enjoy more durable and superior equipment quality, its average failure rate is reduced by 45%, and daily maintenance and maintenance work is simpler and more convenient. c. Low energy consumption and environmental protection: 'Low carbon' has always been a topic of much discussion in the conveyor industry. The conveying capacity of 2 tons per hour is naturally no exception. In addition to its own rigorous structural design, it reduces dust and noise output to ensure that the equipment works The site is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. In addition, the low energy consumption of the equipment is very effective, reaching the low energy consumption and environmental protection standards. 2. Flexible fuselage design provides users with visible benefits. Flexible and changeable fuselage design provides users with visible benefits. As a shaftless screw conveyor with multiple models, multiple models can be flexibly changed. Convenience, the effective profit brought is more considerable. The shaftless screw loading conveyor with a conveying capacity of 2 tons per hour is more convenient than operation. The advantages of high-yield, intelligent, environmentally friendly, low energy consumption and low-carbon work make the equipment easy to use, and the benefits are considerable. About the specific quotation and configuration of the equipment Please feel free to consult online for free at any time for information such as plans.
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