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The scope of application of belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-08-02
Machinery has not only introduced belt conveyors to everyone before, but I don’t know if you still have an impression. The reason why machinery has introduced belt conveyors to you time and time again, as long as it is because belt conveyors are used in almost all grain machinery. The machine can be said to be the most widely used and most common grain conveyor. Today, the machine will take you to review which workplaces the belt conveyor is suitable for. Belt conveyors can be used for horizontal or inclined transportation, and are very convenient to use. They are widely used in various modern industrial enterprises, such as: underground tunnels in mines, mine surface transportation systems, open-pit mining sites and concentrators, etc. In the venue. According to the requirements of the site transportation process, it can be transported by a single unit, or composed of multiple units or operated together with other transport equipment to meet the needs of different layout forms of operation lines. Belt conveyor is a kind of belt conveyor widely used in the coal industry. It is a long-distance conveying equipment that can be used to convey lump, powder, granular or finished materials. It can be used in metallurgy, mining, coal, power plants, chemical plants, building materials, ports and other industries. Therefore, belt conveyors have a wide range of applications and diversified application sites. They are the most common and most commonly used loading conveyor equipment among a variety of mechanical equipment.
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