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The role of frequency converter in mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-02
The function, working principle and influencing factors of the frequency converter in the mobile conveyor 1. The direct function of the frequency converter: By changing the voltage and frequency of the motor, the speed of the motor can be adjusted steplessly. Soft start energy saving, the indirect function of power factor compensation energy saving inverter: 1. Energy saving (power saving). The traditional speed adjustment method of fans, pumps and other equipment is to adjust the air supply and water supply by adjusting the inlet or outlet baffle and valve opening. The input power is large, and a large amount of energy is consumed in the baffle and valve closure process. in. When using variable frequency speed regulation, if the flow requirement is reduced, the requirement can be met by reducing the speed of the pump or fan. Reduce power consumption. 2. Improve the degree of automation of production equipment. At present, there are many brands of inverters, such as the CM530 series of Riye inverters represented by Hangzhou Aosheng Electric Co., Ltd. Under the premise of meeting the general needs of customers, they can flexibly meet customer individuality through extended design Industrialization requirements and industry requirements meet the requirements of various complex and high-precision transmissions, and at the same time provide highly integrated integrated solutions for equipment manufacturing customers. 2. Inverter principle: Inverter working principle: The main circuit is for asynchronous motors In the power conversion part of the voltage and frequency power supply, the main circuit of the frequency converter can be roughly divided into two categories: the voltage type is the frequency converter that converts the DC of the voltage source into the AC, and the filtering of the DC loop is the capacitor. The current type is a frequency converter that converts the DC of the current source into AC, and its DC loop filter is an inductance. It consists of three parts, the 'rectifier' that converts the industrial frequency power into DC power, the 'flat wave loop' that absorbs the voltage ripples generated in the converter and inverter, and the 'reverse circuit' that converts DC power to AC power. Changer'. 3. The power device of the grain loading conveyor directly affects the life of the inverter 1. Heat dissipation problem: the heat dissipation of the power device of the grain loading conveyor accounts for about the general heat dissipation of the entire inverter, which directly affects the life of the inverter, and then affects the conveyor The length of the service life. 2. Explosion-proof enclosure design: The design of explosion-proof enclosure should take into account the technical requirements of heat dissipation, explosion-proof structure and electromagnetic compatibility. 3. Electromagnetic compatibility: The frequency converter is mainly composed of two parts, the main circuit and the control circuit. Due to the non-linear switching action of the main circuit, the frequency converter itself is a source of harmonic interference. The control circuit of the inverter is a weak signal and low energy circuit, so it is extremely susceptible to interference and the inverter cannot work. Therefore, solving the anti-interference problem of electromagnetic compatibility is one of the key technologies for the normal operation of explosion-proof inverters. 4. Power device selection: 1140v is a voltage level unique to my country's coal industry. At the same time, there is no explosion-proof mining inverter product of 400kw/1140v for constant torque load starting and speed regulation on the market. . Therefore, the selection of power devices is also an important work in the research of frequency converters. In the speed control mode of large-scale mobile conveyors, variable frequency speed control can take advantage of the advantages of large speed range, good stability, and high operating efficiency. It can also achieve constant torque and constant power speed control. In recent years, due to the urgent need for energy saving, cost reduction and the development of thyristor technology, coupled with the use of variable frequency speed control devices, which are easy to operate, maintenance-free, high speed control accuracy, and can achieve high functionality, frequency conversion speed control technology replaces The traditional control system should become the inevitable development of enterprise equipment, and with the rapid development of power electronic technology and microelectronic control technology, the development of frequency conversion technology and frequency converter is becoming more and more perfect and mature.
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