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The quality of the conveyor belt will also affect the operation effect of the conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-09
The belt core of the belt conveyor is mainly composed of various fabrics (cotton fabrics, various chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics, etc.) or steel ropes. They are the backbone layer of the conveyor belt, carrying almost all the load of the loading conveyor belt when it is working. Therefore, the core material must have a certain strength and rigidity. The cover rubber is used to protect the intermediate belt core from mechanical damage and the surrounding harmful media. The upper cover rubber layer is generally thicker, which is the bearing surface of the conveyor belt, which directly contacts the material and bears the impact and wear of the material. The lower rubber layer is the contact side of the conveyor belt and the supporting roller, which is mainly subjected to pressure. In order to reduce the resistance of the conveyor belt when it runs along the roller, the thickness of the lower rubber layer is generally thin. The function of the side covering rubber is to protect the belt core from mechanical damage when the conveyor belt deviates and causes the side to collide with the frame. The belt conveyor is a kind of continuous conveyor. The continuous conveyor is one of the main types of fixed or mobile lifting conveyors. Its transportation feature is to form a continuous material flow from the loading point to the loading point. The overall movement is to complete the transportation of the logistics from the loading point to the unloading point.   The conveyor belt is both a load-bearing member and a traction member in a belt conveyor (except for wire rope traction belt conveyors). It must not only have load-bearing capacity, but also have sufficient tensile strength. The conveyor belt is composed of a belt core (skeleton) and a cover layer. The cover layer is divided into upper cover rubber, side strip rubber, and lower cover rubber.
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