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The process of the conveyor belt line assembly force

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-22
Conveyor, belt conveyor in the agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises, and transportation is widely used for conveying of various solid block and powder materials or items, conveyor belt can be continuous, high efficiency, the transport of large dip Angle, conveyor operation safety, conveyor belt use is simple, easy maintenance, low freight, and can reduce the engineering cost, shorten the transportation distance, economically. Assembly line conveyor belt job demand budget assembly work force head of assembly parts, with the right connection with lost card. Clearance fit assembly line conveyor belt assembly force influence factors are: cooperate with relative position precision of the parts before assembly, with the appearance of the chamfering edge status, such as rough appearance appearance etc. , the stiffness of assembly process system, connection of clearance and friction factor between the mating parts, etc. Calculation on the basis of detailed system disposal. When cooperate with a parallel to the axis, the biggest assembly line conveyor belt in contact with a beginning stage, the assembly force attack in the chamfer contact, the main elements affecting the assembly line conveyor belt assembly force at this time is: the quality of the assembly line conveyor belt assembly, assembly parts, respectively to match the work head and a value of friction factor, Angle of chamfer and assembly systems in the direction perpendicular to the axis of smooth degree, etc. Budget can neglect assembly line conveyor belt complaisant spend, according to the general rule of statics calculation work head of assembly method to clamping force and the axial thrust. When mating parts axis tilt, axial thrust assembly will heart function assembly. In the beginning stage, together with the matching parts in to another with little contact, with more to its mating parts assembly, two-point contact will attack. When necessary, should be one and two contact assembly line conveyor belt assembly force are calculated respectively, with larger values.
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