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The principle and characteristics of buried scraper conveyor are widely used

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-05-25
2021-03-06 14:05:46 The principle and characteristics of the buried scraper loading conveyor are widely used. It is a transportation equipment that continuously transports bulk materials by means of a moving scraper chain in a sealed rectangular section shell. The material is subjected to the pressure of the scraper chain in the moving direction, and the action of the material's own weight produces internal friction between the materials. The frictional force guarantees the undisturbed state between the material layers, and is sufficient to overcome the external frictional resistance generated by the movement of the material in the machine tank, so that the material is transported as a whole stream. Simple structure, light weight, small size, strong sealing, easy installation and maintenance. The process layout is flexible, which can discharge materials at multiple points and realize quantitative conveying. Because the shell is sealed, it has outstanding advantages in improving the operating conditions of workers and preventing environmental pollution when transporting toxic, easy to fly, explosive and high-temperature materials. Buried scraper conveyors are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, electric power, chemicals, cement, ports, docks, coal, mining, grain and oil, food, feed, and other industries and parts. The buried scraper loading conveyor is a continuous transportation device that transports bulk materials by means of a moving scraper chain in a blocked giant section shell; because when conveying materials, the scraper chain is all buried in the material , So it is called buried scraper loading conveyor. The machine has simple structure, good airtightness, convenient installation and maintenance, and flexible process layout; it can not only transport horizontally, but also tilt or vertically transport; it can be used as a single machine, or in combination with multiple units; it can be used for multiple points Point unloading. Because the shell is blocked, it can significantly improve the working environment of workers and prevent environmental pollution when transporting large, toxic, explosive, and high-temperature materials. Buried scraper conveyor is a material conveying system equipment that is popular in metallurgy, mines, and thermal power plants.
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