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The performance and equipment of the mesh belt conveyor have the following characteristics

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-06-20
A kind of mesh belt conveyor, which can carry out horizontal, climbing and spiral transportation, and is widely used in the food industry. At present, the mesh belt loading conveyor used in the food industry has reached the primary technical indicators, and its performance and equipment have the following characteristics: 1 The mesh belt conveyor equipment is large-scale, and its primary technical parameters and equipment are developed towards large-scale production to satisfy the annual output of 300 ~ The need for high-yield, high-efficiency and intensive production of over 5 million tons. 2 Mesh belt conveyor equipment automatically uses dynamic analysis skills, mechatronics, computer monitoring and other high-tech skills, selects high-power soft start and active tensioning skills to dynamically monitor and monitor the conveyor, which greatly reduces the conveyor belt Dynamic tension, good equipment running performance and high transportation efficiency. 3 Mesh belt conveyor equipment has good reliability. The use of multi-machine drive and center drive and its power balance, mesh belt conveyor changing direction operation and other skills, so that the operating length of the single machine of the mesh belt conveyor is theoretically limited, and the transportation is guaranteed. The versatility and interchangeability of system equipment and the reliability of its unit drive. 4 Mesh belt conveyor new, high-reliability key component skills such as various advanced high-power drive equipment and speed control equipment, including CST, etc., high-life high-speed rollers, self-cleaning drum equipment, and high-efficiency storage belt equipment , Quick self-moving tail, etc. Reminder: Considering that the mesh belt accepts the tension limit, the longest single line length of the mesh belt loading conveyor generally does not exceed 20 meters
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