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The parameters and debugging steps uphill belt conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-21
Steps: (debug belt conveyor 1) Carefully after the equipment installation debugging of belt conveyor, meet the design requirements. ( 2) The speed reducer, the moving parts corresponding lubricating oil filling. ( 3) Installation of belt conveyor is achieved after each single equipment commissioning manual work, and combine the debug belt conveyor to meet the demand of the action. ( 4) Debugging electrical part of the belt conveyor. Including the conventional electrical connection and debugging of action, make the equipment with good performance, meet the design function and status. Product introduction: climbing belt conveyor by using continuous or intermittent conveyor belt movement deliver 500 kg goods or powder, of the following items. Climbing type belt conveyor used to have a height difference of transmission cases, can complete continuous transmission, can smooth and roller conveyor or scraper chain conveyor connection. Product information: climbing belt conveyor belt material are: canvas belt, Or nylon tape) , plastic belt, anti-static PVC belt, rubber belt, Heavy objects using the rubber belt with steel wire) , metal mesh belt, etc. Climbing belt conveyor transmission Angle had better not more than 13 degrees, if more than 13 degrees to article on the surface of the belt increase block or belt should choose grass belt with friction. In climbing belt machine are often at the edge of the belt conveyor side waist fringing increase fence or on the side of the belt edge, in order to prevent falling objects in the process of delivery. Uphill belt conveyor drive mode are: motor reducer drive way and the driving mode of electric roller climbing belt conveyor specification: effective width W100 - 1500 ( mm) Long L10000 -, single drive 50000 ( mm) Max, handling capacity of 100 kg/m, conveying speed 0 60 m/min, the electric power 0. 2千瓦,0。 4千瓦,0。 75千瓦,1。 1千瓦,1。 5 KW, 2。 2千瓦,3。 7 kw。 Mobile conveyor to transport in bulk or packaged food and small particles of material conveying, loading and unloading, palletizing and applicable, and can be used by many sets of series or other mechanical joint supporting the use. Can use library and so on in the open field.
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