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The mesh belt of the stainless steel mesh belt conveyor or the reinstallation step!

by:YiFan Conveyor     2023-03-09

When the stainless steel mesh belt loading conveyor runs for a long time or improperly, it will cause damage to the stainless steel mesh belt. At this time, whether it is to replace the mesh belt or reinstall it, it is recommended to follow the steps below.

1. Turn off all the power supplies, remove the protective cover, loosen the assembly bolts of the motor, and then move the motor to loosen the mesh belt of the conveyor, so as to facilitate the removal of the damaged mesh belt.

2. If the removed mesh belt is abnormally worn, it means that there is a problem with the transmission device, and then choose a suitable mesh belt for replacement.

3. Clean the stainless steel conveyor mesh belt first. At this time, pay attention to one: never use sandpaper to wipe oil or dirt; two: never choose to soak or scrub directly in detergent. Both of these methods will cause damage to the stainless steel mesh belt.

4. Make sure that the conveyor mesh belt needs to be kept dry before replacement.

5. Check the protection devices such as mesh belt anti-running deviation and transmission protection, and adjust and repair immediately if there is any deviation or wear.

6. Install the stainless steel loading conveyor mesh belt to the loading conveyor, then adjust the central distance of the transmission device first, and use a tension measuring instrument to test the mesh belt until the appropriate tension; then tighten all the bolts of the motor, if tightened, it may be Resulting in poor performance of the conveyor.

7. After the conveyor mesh belt is replaced, run the conveyor to check the situation after the replacement. If there is noise and vibration, shut down the machine immediately and check the motor and bearings.

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