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The material size of the conveyor must be standardized to avoid jamming

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-06

Mr. Li is a professional in the field of conveyor equipment. He chatted with a friend by chance and involved the specification of material size. Because the size of the material was not standardized, the conveyor was jammed. Seriously Damaged conveyor rollers, which also happened not long ago.

This friend of Mr. Li was using the conveyor because he was not careful, and the size of the material was very different during the refueling process, which caused it to get stuck in the conveyor. Between the rollers of the machine, and then the machine kept running again, which finally led to the deformation of the rollers of the conveyors. Because of the joint relationship, the rollers of the conveyors suffered more damage. This friend was also very distressed.

Later, Mr. Li suggested that the friend operate according to the material specification of the loading conveyor. The following is the normal discharge size of the belt conveyor:

< /p>

Related dimension drawing of material output of belt conveyor

In the process of using conveyor, you must be more careful and formulate the corresponding operation process, If there is a large difference in the size of the goods, it must be checked and dealt with, and the corresponding plan is given, and then the conveyor equipment is operated. Maintenance, timely prevention, until now, there has been no damage to the conveyor roller like the last time. (News recommendation: an important link in the selection of conveyor roller accessories)

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