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The market pressure of belt conveyors is great

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-07
2014-07-23 08:20:42 The main feature of the belt loading conveyor is that the fuselage can be easily expanded and contracted, with a belt storage bin, and the tail can be extended or shortened with the advancement of the coal mining face. The structure is compact, and it is not necessary. The foundation is laid directly on the bottom plate of the tunnel. The frame is light and easy to disassemble and assemble. When the transport capacity and transport distance are large, an intermediate drive device can be equipped to meet the requirements. According to the requirements of the conveying process, it can be conveyed by a single machine, or multiple units can be combined into a horizontal or inclined transportation system to convey materials. Of course, belt conveyors are one of the main categories of the machinery industry. As the main basic products of the machinery industry, the development of the machinery industry also puts forward higher requirements for belt loading conveyor products. While maintaining some of the cost advantages, the industry must rely on new advantages such as technological progress, quality improvement and product cost-effectiveness to achieve sustainable development. From the perspective of customers in the market targeted by the design of the turning mesh belt and the survival position of our product itself, there is no problem. However, at present, in our entire market, all walks of life There is a state of imitating each other in the development. Every industry in the market has the effect of our products in imitating in every twig. Such a situation is for our turning mesh belt market. The same exists. Even among many similar products, such a product is more of a certain competitive group of our products, and the pressure of existence in the market is also very large.
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