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The main reason for the deviation of the conveyor belt

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-03

The phenomenon of belt deviation, which is due to the fact that the belt conveyed by the conveyor is affected by a certain force during the operation. Find the cause of the problem, and then know how to deal with it.

There are two reasons for the deviation of the loading conveyor belt.

The first one is The loading conveyor is always placed on the side when loading, not in the middle position, which makes the middle force and force uneven and causes the belt to be distorted. The middle is enough, so one of the phenomena of the conveyor belt deviation is that the goods are not square.

The second phenomenon is that when the parts of the conveyor and the rollers are installed, their relationship is not vertical, because the non-vertical relationship will cause the deviation of the line , this phenomenon must be investigated in time. The third phenomenon is the wire rope of the fuselage of the conveyor. Its height is different. If the height is different, the phenomenon of distorting and deviating from the track will occur.

Therefore, in the process of operation of the conveyor, if there is a phenomenon of belt deviation, we need to carry out investigation work first in time, carefully check all links, and put all the After the link is checked, it can be prevented from running off the line.

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