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The main reason for the damage of the belt conveyor roller

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-11
1. The sealing performance of the roller is poor, and the bearing is polluted by water or dust: In order to minimize the rotation resistance of the roller, the labyrinth seal structure is basically adopted. 1. After the rotation resistance is increased, the circumference of the pipe body is quickly ground; 2. The bearing is stuck and a hole is ground out of the pipe body.   2. Pollution of the idler by thin mud pollutants: When the water in the coal mine is high, the slime adhering to the tape will fall onto the brackets and idler shafts on both ends of the idler.   3. The bearing positions at both ends of the roller are out of tolerance, and the bearings are forcibly rotated and damaged early. 4. Material's severe abrasion on the roller tube body: In the coking plant, sintering or pelletizing plant of the iron and steel industry, steel slag and wet furnace slag are transported, hard and sharp materials adhere to the loading conveyor belt, which will wear the tube body of the roller tube. It's very fast.   5. Severe corrosion of the roller tube body: the coal wears the roller and the tape very little.   VI. Rapid damage of the roller on the self-aligning bracket: The original function of the self-aligning bracket is to adjust the center when the material on the tape is eccentrically loaded. Seven, the V-shaped forward tilting support roller is damaged faster: the support roller installed on the V-shaped forward tilting support always runs in friction with the tape. Although the forward tilt angle is small, according to practical observations, the tube The amount of body wear is about twice that of the roller on the fixed bracket, and the service life is naturally about 1 times lower. 8. There are two reasons for the short-term damage of the buffer roller: 1. Due to the large dust at the blanking point, the buffer roller is easy to be contaminated and damaged when the sealing performance of the buffer roller is poor; 2. The buffer rubber ring is basically made of recycled rubber. It has poor elasticity, poor wear resistance, tear resistance, and aging resistance. The impact force is small, and the service life is only about 1 year. When the impact force is large, it will break and fall off in ten days, which will cause damage to the tape. Serious injury.
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