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The main function of screw conveyor is widely used

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-06
Screw conveyors are mainly used for unloading trucks, ship unloading operations, and horizontal and spiral conveying of bulk materials in warehouses in ports. The horizontal screw shaft directly in contact with the material is used to unload the material layer by layer from both sides of the carriage. Continuous action method Uninterrupted consignment of goods, that is, loading, conveying, and unloading are carried out continuously, without interruption in delivery due to no-load return, and at the same time, higher working speed can be used because it does not need to start and brake frequently. Continuously adjusted conveying enables the continuous conveyor to achieve high productivity. Convey goods along a fixed route, with single action and simple structure. Screw conveyors are mainly used for conveying various powdery, granular and small block materials. The bulk materials conveyed are grains, beans, flour and other food products, cement, clay, sand and other building materials, salt, fertilizers, etc. Chemicals, as well as bulk bulk cargoes such as coke and ore. It is not easy to transport materials that are perishable, viscous, lumpy and agglomerate.
The use and maintenance of screw conveyor
Main points of use and maintenance of screw conveyor, before using the screw conveyor to transport materials, check whether the power cord and the ground wire are connected. The equipment should be started without load, and the material can be fed after the start is normal, and the conveyor belt will gradually feed the average material. Increase the feed rate until the rated conveying capacity is reached, otherwise it is easy to cause material accumulation and drive device overload, which reduces the service life of the screw conveyor. After parking, check whether the material in the screw loading conveyor has been conveyed to ensure no-load start requirements. Do not mix hard and large pieces of material in the material to avoid jamming of the screw blades and damage to the screw. The fasteners of the screw conveyor should be checked regularly to ensure that the screws are fastened. If the screws of the screw coupling shaft are found to be loose, they should be parked immediately and firmly. It is strictly forbidden to remove the dust-proof cover during operation to avoid safety accidents. The conveyor removes dust and oil, and adds grease. Usually, you can add less oil every 3-5 months. Remove the hoisting bearing body and the hoisting shaft, remove the sealing ring, immerse the hoisting bearing and the type bearing in the melted lubrication, cool it with the grease, and reinstall it. Use, if the nylon sealing ring is damaged, it should be replaced in time. After one year of use, use the above method to maintain it again to obtain good results.
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