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The logistics roller conveyor lays a favorable foundation for the assembly line transportation operation

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-16
The logistics roller conveying equipment system is composed of a variety of logistics roller conveyors, including straight, turning lamp conveying forms and control systems. The purpose is to realize the flow of the conveyed items in space when the product is produced and transported. In the current enterprise assembly line production and transportation operations, as well as in the logistics distribution system, the scope of utilization of the conveyor configuration is widely used in the production of various industries. Therefore, the key to the tension in the production, transportation and logistics distribution system is affected. If the logistics roller conveyor is used reasonably, not only can the production environment of the food production enterprise be improved obviously, but also the labor intensity of the personnel loading, unloading and transporting food materials can be reduced. The material transportation roller realizes production automation, efficiency and intelligence, and can make the distribution intermediate process in the logistics transportation system more reasonable and scientific, so as to improve the efficiency of material transportation, save logistics costs, and enhance the logistics transportation roller The ability of logistics and transportation to comply with and adaptability. In order to achieve 100% quality assurance, zero-error delivery assurance, elimination of orders in logistics distribution, paperlessness, and improvement of settlement capabilities, it is necessary to make better use of logistics delivery rollers. The roller conveyor for logistics transportation has laid a favorable foundation for future food production and transportation and the growth of logistics. Product features of the logistics roller loading conveyor: reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, beautiful appearance, reliable operation, easy to use with other conveyor lines, a variety of complex transportation, to achieve product closure, split transportation, etc. Product specifications: Main conveying forms: power roller conveyor line, unpowered roller loading conveyor line and accumulation roller conveyor line. The diameter of the drum mainly includes: Φ25, Φ38, Φ50, Φ60, Φ75, Φ80, Φ89, Φ110, Φ130, and the simplified length is generally 100-1000mm; special specifications can be customized according to user needs. The cylinder body: galvanized, chrome-plated, stainless steel, PVC Materials, etc. Wire support: stainless steel, aluminum profile, carbon steel sprayed plastic, etc. Conveying speed: generally 1-12M/min; speed regulation or fixed speed can also be adopted according to user needs. Application range: It is widely used in the transportation of finished product packaging and turnover boxes in various industries.
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