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The kinds of belt conveyor and USES ( Below)

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-14
We all know that the belt transport is widely used in various industries, according to different industries have different type of belt conveyor. Today we talk about the kinds of belt conveyor and USES. Of the belt conveyor belt conveyor can be used for food, ports, mining and other industries. Belt conveyor is short for belt conveyor, there are fixed type and movable, simple structure, high efficiency. With flexible conveyor belt material carries the continuous conveying machinery and traction components. Surrounded by an endless conveyor belt drive drum and redirection roller. Branch of the up and down between the two rollers in a number of roller bearing. Material placed on the branches, the use of the friction between the driving drum and belt traction belt and material. Suitable for horizontal conveying grain materials and sloping direction and items, also can be used to undertake a certain process operation of the assembly line. Simple structure, stable and reliable work, high adaptability for the material, large conveying capacity, low consumption, is used widely. Tubular belt conveyor belt can be used for food, electricity, building materials, chemical, mining, metallurgy, port, harbor, coal industry logistics system. Belt conveyor production line and is usually fixed, when the conveyor conveying material in the production operation, its large carrying capacity, long transport distance. It not only can be a single transport, but also can carry out a variety of combination, can also with other similar transportation equipment to form horizontal or oblique production and transportation system, can be used to meet the needs of the different forms of production and production line. Spiral belt conveyor is suitable for food processing, cement, chemical, metallurgy, food processing, food storage, various kinds of additives, bulk material transportation industry such as construction projects. Chain belt conveyor can not only vertical production operations, also can undertake production level. Can also be an omni-directional, the whole point of production material transportation. Can choose freely according to the production of conveyor height. Suitable for the transportation of bottles, cans, mainly used in food and beverage, canned, daily chemical and other industries. Belt conveyor, small size, light weight, commonly used in all kinds of food transportation. Conventional conveyor is mainly used in coal mining enterprises. Used in underground coal and coal winning machine walking track. Therefore, it has become a indispensable main equipment in modern coal mining technology. Scraper conveyor belt function, to maintain the continuous operation, the production can be a normal, otherwise, it will show the whole face off, make whole production disruptions. The same belt conveyor can be used in metallurgy, coal, transportation, utilities, chemical and other departments. Pipe belt conveyor, mainly is suitable for the metallurgy, building materials, chemical, thermal power industry such as bulk terminal port, is used to transport ore, coal, raw materials, waste, garbage and other materials. No matter how many types of conveyor, but bring the convenience of production is beyond doubt, so in choosing a suitable conveyor belt, can put the greater value of grain production.
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