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The introduction of assembly line roller and resettlement management

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-26
Line placement and management of roller, prior to considering the modernization to deal with the late, the two complement each other, talents as the most reasonable of modern equipment. Placed first in the line of all carefully, otherwise, the planned product, valuable equipment and outstanding sale inferior will terminate in the installation of the line. Pipeline settlement should be combined and modernization to deal with, want to consider how to deal with, deal with method of some advanced directly related to pipeline settlement. Drum line is suitable for the bottom is flat goods transportation, mainly by the drive roller, frame, support, driving devices and other parts. Has big throughput, speed, running fast, can realize many varieties collinear shunt transmission characteristics. By the industrial equipment below small make up to introduce: a select, equipment of the automatic assembly line equipment selection is based on product technology requirement and installation process to conclude that. Correct select installation line of process equipment and tooling, can not only improve yield power, falling capital, still can make the line installation process rationalization. When choosing equipment to consider problems include: product yield platform; Product quality requirements; Advanced equipment; The reliability of the equipment; The price of the equipment; Second, the structure of the product line roller product structure and installation process planning is the point of pipeline placed in priority. Analyzes the product structure, the research, put forward mindset, to improve the product structure can greatly simplify the installation line production process. Three line roller production method, and the fruit of the assembly line method is pipeline settlement needs consider an aspect, that yield method need to clear the following points: yield platform; Work rules, here refers to the shift and every homework time; Production line type, want to consider to choose automatic line is still produce line, is a single fruit yield is still fleet; In handling method, refers to ensure production rules by the way, standards and rules. Four, installation line logistics and conveying material activities is through delivery to the end. Material transfer is essential in the factory, we should choose economic and reasonable transportation method. To conclude a concept: the material move depends on its production elements, install line set necessary to ensure that the material flow of the distance is short, and kept to product line at the end of the stream to installation, set up the control system to ensure that the material activities. Five, warehousing and material flow for equipment has been to end the installation process flow, but no matter when, as long as the material suspended, will present the production work. Demand surely save amount of storage, therefore, to ensure that the installation of online material flow, it insisted on yield and balance process is economic and reasonable to. In addition, for equipment to produce supply and maintenance service, also plays an important role. The above line roller is introduced here, the placement and management of pipeline fully embodies the coordination of man and machine, let the machinery and equipment more flexible, it will transfer system, pallet and online plane, organic combination of testing equipment, to meet the variety of product delivery requirements.
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