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The influence of material characteristics on the selection of continuous conveying machinery

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-16
Not only the particle size of the material, but also the particle composition of the material is also related to the selection of continuous conveying machinery. Generally, the finer the particles, the more likely to agglomerate. If the material contains more fine powder, it is easy to adhere and bulge. Generally, materials with large particles and relatively uniform particle size distribution are beneficial to flow, while the uneven particle size distribution means that the mixing of various particles of different sizes is prone to blockage during storage and transportation. This situation is closely related to the selection of pneumatic conveying devices and auxiliary devices. The characteristics of various materials vary greatly. In terms of particle size, there are carbon toners as small as about 0.1μm and coal lumps as large as more than 300mm. Generally speaking, conveyors with open load-bearing components, such as belt and plate conveyors, can transport materials with larger granularity. However, because the fine powder is easy to raise dust, it is advisable to use pneumatic conveying, screw, buried scraper and other conveyors. Because the conveying line is closed, it can convey dusty or even toxic materials, but the particle size of the conveyed material is affected by the pipe diameter and the machine. Restrictions on the size of grooves and corners. Many other characteristics of bulk materials also have a greater impact on the selection of continuous conveying machinery. ①The influence of the shape of the material particles. Generally, uniform spherical particles have better fluidity, and the natural slope angle is small, while the frictional resistance of polygonal particles is large. The particles with multiple edges and corners on the surface are easy to break and have strong abrasiveness. This has a greater impact on the selection of conveying machinery using machine grooves or pipelines. ②The influence of the bulk density of materials The bulk density of materials directly affects the conveying capacity by mass of the conveying machinery and the volume required by auxiliary devices such as storage bins. Generally, materials with higher bulk density have severe impact and abrasion on the parts, and it is required to choose models with wear-resistant working parts. ③The influence of material moisture content and hygroscopicity Materials with higher moisture content have low dusting properties, which can reduce the possibility of static electricity or explosions, but some materials increase in viscosity when the moisture content is high, and some materials are easily absorbed from the surrounding environment Moisture is formed into solid blocks to varying degrees. These properties have a more significant impact on the selection of conveying machinery using machine troughs or pipelines. Practice has proved that some materials adhere to the tank, pipe, and feeder as the moisture content increases, or arch at the exit of the hopper. When selecting the model, it is necessary to consider whether the model or component can be used. The level of water content may also affect the conveying capacity of continuous conveying machinery. Taking pneumatic conveying of clay as an example, when the water content of clay is in the range of 0-3%, the conveying capacity will be reduced by 15% for every 1% increase in water content. In addition, some grains will reduce the brittleness due to the increase in moisture content, thereby reducing the rate of breakage during transportation. ④The influence of the corrosiveness of materials Because the acidity and alkalinity of the materials have certain corrosive effects on different metals, when selecting the type, consider whether stainless steel or other special materials need to be used according to the corrosiveness of the materials. ⑤The impact of flammability and explosiveness on flammable and explosive materials should be selected to ensure safe operation of models. For example, a pneumatic conveying device using inert gas. Due to the huge differences in material characteristics, this article only lists the influence of certain characteristics on the selection of continuous conveying machinery. It is worth noting that some materials have the same name and similar appearance, but their characteristics such as bulk density, moisture content, pH, etc. are quite different; sometimes the same material has completely different transportation due to different particle size and particle composition performance. Therefore, careful investigation and careful consideration must be made in the selection of continuous conveying machinery.
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