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The influence of belt conveyer belt tear of belt conveyor

by:YiFan     2020-08-08
When we buy the bad quality of the belt conveyor, after running for a period of time will appear some problems, but is the most severe belt conveyor belt tearing. Belt tearing is a kind of destructive damage form of large, torn for a large belt conveyor belt is a very serious accident, serious can be worth millions more than the whole belt scrap, ports, mines, steel mills, power plants have accident reports. General with torn by erosion and guide chute place is most serious, affect the normal production of loading and unloading, bring huge economic losses to our country is still not an ideal laceration resistant monitoring method and the device is applied in practice. At present, a lot of belt conveyor in our country is not installed effective laceration resistant protective device, the characteristics of the belt longitudinal tear and laceration resistant protective devices and related technology research involving the discipline more extensive, the content of the need to study a lot.
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