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The important practicality of high-quality screw conveyors in the country

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-03-18
2014-10-21 09:02:59    screw loading conveyor can complete mixing, stirring, cooling and other operations while conveying materials. Screw conveyors are mainly used for conveying various powder, granular, and small block materials. The bulk materials conveyed include grains, beans, flour and other food products, cement, clay, sand and other building materials, salts, and alkalis. , Chemical fertilizers and other chemicals, as well as bulk bulk cargoes such as coal, coke and ore.  Screw conveyor is not suitable for conveying materials that are perishable, viscous, and agglomerate. In addition to transporting bulk materials, screw conveyors can also be used to transport various finished items.  Because of the horizontal screw loading conveyor, vertical screw conveyor and the screw loading conveyor composed of relative rotating reclaiming device, it has become a more selected continuous ship unloading model, and it is increasingly widely used in domestic and foreign bulk cargo terminals. In addition to being directly used for ship unloading operations and conveying materials in ports, screw conveyors are often used as the reclaiming device of other types of ship unloaders with the function of raking materials by using their exposed spirals.   Screw conveyors are widely used in various sectors of the national economy such as the food industry, building materials industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing industry, transportation industry, coal industry, and metallurgical industry. Scraper    screw conveyor is mainly used for unloading trucks, ship unloading operations and the horizontal and vertical transportation of bulk materials in the warehouse. The spiral that uses the horizontal screw shaft directly in contact with the material to unload the material layer by layer from both sides of the carriage has been successfully used in domestic ports for many years.
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