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The future conveying equipment will be perfectly combined with robots

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-23
With the development of robot technology, the application of robots is gradually being promoted in factory production. In the future, conveying equipment will be perfectly combined with robots. At present, the application of robot technology in logistics is mainly concentrated in the two operations of packaging and palletizing, loading, unloading and handling. With the continuous emergence of new robot technology, application cases of robots have also appeared in other logistics fields. In recent years, with the rise of labor costs and the increasingly fierce re-industrialization strategy of developed countries in Europe and America, the status of automation technology in the manufacturing industry has received more and more attention. More and more companies are starting to invest heavily in upgrading factories. In modern food production companies’ assembly line production and delivery operations, as well as in the logistics system, you can see belt conveyors, net chain conveyors, chain conveyors, and screw conveyors everywhere. Conveying equipment such as machines, and the scope of use of conveying equipment has also been widely used in various industries in the national economic production. Introduce advanced automation technologies such as robots to improve the efficiency of the factory. In the daily production of the factory, the assembly line is the most important link in the use of automation technology, and the production line is the route through the product production process. That is, the route constituted by a series of production line activities such as processing, transportation, assembling, and inspection starting from the entry of raw materials into the production site. The assembly line is an effective combination of man and machine, which fully reflects the flexibility of the equipment. It organically combines the conveying system, the accompanying fixture, the online special machine, and the testing equipment to meet the conveying requirements of a variety of products. Fully automated control of the assembly line is the only way for the current machinery manufacturing industry to carry out technological transformation and technological innovation. At present, the automated assembly line has advanced to a level that can completely get rid of manual labor. It can be seen that in the future, the development of conveying equipment will be perfectly integrated with robots.
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