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The function and type of the driving roller of the mobile conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-02
The driving roller of the mobile loading conveyor is the main part of the driving power. It is also an important part of the loading conveyor, so today we come to understand the classification and characteristics of the transmission roller! As a single-point drive mode, it can be divided into single-roller drive and double-roller drive. The single-roller drive of the mobile conveyor is mostly used on the conveyor with less power. The conveyor with higher power can be driven by double rollers, which is characterized by tight structure and can increase the wrapping angle to increase the use of traction that the drive roller can transmit. When the double rollers are driven, multiple motors can be used to drive separately, and the gear transmission device can make the two rollers run at the same speed. If the double-roller drive still does not require traction, a multi-point drive can be used. The drive roller structure of the mobile conveyor has a steel plate welded structure and a cast steel or cast iron structure, and all newly designed products adopt rolling bearings. The surface forms of the transmission rollers include steel smooth rollers, casting (coating) rubber rollers, etc. The main disadvantage of steel smooth rollers is that the surface friction coefficient is small, so they are generally used on short-distance conveyors with low ambient humidity. ) The main advantage of the rubber roller is that it has a large surface friction coefficient, which is suitable for conveyors with high environmental humidity and long transportation distance. The casting (coating) rubber roller can be divided into smooth casting (coating) rubber roller and herringbone according to its surface shape. Groove casting (coating) rubber roller and diamond casting (coating) rubber roller. After understanding this, we have a deeper understanding of the mobile conveyor. Next, we will continue to understand the structural characteristics of other parts of the conveyor. Please don't worry, continue to look forward to our next meeting!
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