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The front rollers of belt conveyors are mostly made of steel or iron

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-19

The raw coal produced in the coal industry is generally transported by belt conveyors, which are characterized by stable operation, large carrying capacity, low maintenance costs in the later stage of operation, and easy automation and centralized control. Therefore, it is particularly widely used in the coal industry.

The roller plays the role of transmission and direction change in the belt loading conveyor, and is an important part of the conveyor. The drum can be divided into two driving modes: external drive and internal drive, and the shape can be divided into drum drum, blade drum and groove rubber surface drum.

In low temperature and severe cold areas, due to the influence of climate and conveying materials, the surface of the reversing roller will freeze during the operation of the belt conveyor, resulting in a decrease in the friction force of the belt, Inconsistency in perimeter, tape deviation frequently occurs during production and operation, and each shift needs to be corrected and calibrated 1 to 2 times, each time affecting production for about 20 minutes.

1.Technical solution

Through the problem analysis, the method of spraying antifreeze at fixed points and timing of the drum can effectively solve the problem of drum freezing and reduce equipment failures rate and improve equipment production efficiency.

2. Device production

Use φ15 galvanized steel pipe to make pipelines, and make branch pipelines at the diverting rollers of each layer. The pipelines are installed in parallel and 400mm above the reversing drum. Each parallel pipeline is equipped with 4 atomizing nozzles. Each branch is equipped with multi-point control of solenoid valves. It relies on a self-priming pump to boost pressure to form an antifreeze spray device.

Three, application effect

After the application of the roller spraying device of the belt conveyor, spraying antifreeze on the surface of the roller can effectively slow down the roller condensation. Ice phenomenon reduces the occurrence of equipment failures, and the frequency of belt deviation failures is significantly reduced, from 1 to 2 times per shift to 1 to 2 times per week, achieving good application results and ensuring effective production time.

The roller spraying device is suitable for low temperature and severe cold areas, and can be popularized and applied in enterprises using belt conveyors in similar climatic environments.

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