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The following points should be paid attention to when choosing a screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-09-24

Nowadays, due to the wide variety of screw conveyors, many people often backfire when choosing screw conveyors. The selected screw loading conveyor is always unsuitable, either the conveying power is not suitable, or the industry is not suitable.

So how should you choose different types of screw conveyors, and what type of screw conveyors are suitable for your workplace? Zhanwei Machinery will tell you today that the following points should be paid attention to when choosing a screw conveyor:

1. Conveying capacity

Screw conveying The conveying capacity of the machine refers to the amount of material conveyed per unit time.

2. Conveying speed

Increasing the conveying speed can improve the conveying capacity.

3. Component size

The component size of the conveyor includes the width of the conveyor belt, the width of the slats, the volume of the hopper, the diameter of the pipe and the size of the container Wait.

4. Conveying length and inclination angle

The length and inclination angle of the conveying line directly affect the total resistance of the conveyor and the required power.

5. Motor

The motor of the screw conveyor can choose the speed-adjustable motor and ordinary motor to control the conveying speed and hourly speed. delivery volume.

6. Feed port

Whether a hopper is added at the feed port, and the size of the feed hopper.

So it is very important to choose a suitable conveyor. Only by choosing a suitable machine can the work efficiency be improved, the utilization rate of the machine can be maximized, and the conveying can be avoided. A series of unnecessary troubles caused by inappropriate models.

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