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The following points must be kept in mind during the use of the screw conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-04-14
Things to remember when the screw conveyor conveys materials:    1. When starting to feed, increase the feed gradually, feed evenly, and do not add to the rated amount of the equipment at once, otherwise it will cause blockage, overload of the drive device, and also affect the life of the equipment Certain influence.   2. There should be no hard and massive materials in the material, otherwise it will jam the screw and cause damage to the screw machine.  3. Do not feed material when starting, wait until starting to feed material, and start the conveyor without load.  4. Stop feeding before stopping, and stop the operation of the equipment after the material in the machine has been conveyed.   5. Regularly check the parts of the equipment, such as whether the fasteners are loose, and if there is looseness, fasten them in time, and take precautions in advance.   6. Do not remove the cover of the loading conveyor when it is running, so as to avoid personal hazards, and it is necessary to frequently add lubricant to the moving parts. The screw conveyor has a wide range of uses and a wide range of materials to be conveyed. It can convey powder, granular and small pieces of material. Because the use environment of the screw loading conveyor is generally dusty, the bearing of the loading conveyor has been in use for a long time. The dust will aggravate its wear, so the machinery should be maintained and lubricated regularly to allow the conveyor to perform better operations.

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