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The flexible chain conveyor line, in the little space to move up and down products

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-08-04
When the area is small, application requirements and product move the three screw flexible conveyor chain conveyor line curve is the perfect answer. The screw flexible chain conveyor line, screw and screw flexible chain conveyor line conveyor greatly expanded capacity by offering consumers move up or down of the product and the surrounding equipment, ability to adapt to the narrow space. Spiral flexible chain conveyor line series is a kind of flexible conveyor platform, can reduce costs, save time, and for the screw flexible chain conveyor line in packaging, medical, health and beauty, industrial automation and electronics industry customers with simple configuration and acquisition options. The spiral flexible chain conveyor line allows through curves and straight downdip movement or forwards, and provides with minimum space vertical leaning ability. Described in the screw flexible chain conveyor line to turn 360 & deg; To vertical movement and ultra small volume of products. Screw conveyor and screw conveyor adopts is the chain of design patent, and keep the conveyor can be tilted curve speed and load. The screw flexible chain conveyor line is designed for long-term, continuous or droop and sharp run. It is also in the process or machine between cumulative, buffer and cooling products an ideal choice. Our screw flexible chain conveyor line products in the industry is very popular, because it can be designed according to customer's specific requirements and delivery in about five days, said a senior marketing manager. “ Applications continue to become more complex, our customers hope that we will be able to use a very small area of turning platform - This is the reason why we continue to expand screw flexible chain conveyor line. Screw flexible curve of the specifications of the conveyor, chain conveyor line l features and benefits include: aluminum sheet framework conveyor used wheels and normal bending navigation options are very compact in the corner of the variety of product transfer option, used for terminal and lateral transfer's ability to provide vertical tilt, the smallest area optional width of 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm, 120 cm and 180 cm ( Depending on type) Speed up to 250 feet per minute, according to customer's specific requirements manufacturing and delivery within 5 days
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