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The enterprise should be how to choose the line equipment factory?

by:YiFan Conveyor     2020-09-23
As the production assembly line production of such a mode of concentrated water production tools occupiers in the corporate world hegemony the status, assembly line is an essential part of all enterprises in the production, production tools, the sway. But not all the way to the production line is common, according to the production assembly line work in different ways, each have each characteristic, and the need of enterprise managers also should follow from the enterprise product and choose to suit oneself enterprise and product production lines. First introduced plate chain assembly line, the line speed smoothly, it is two and one assembly line, can smooth transmission products, and at the same time synchronization with the operation of the production line, is suitable for large amount, less people, enterprises with the rest of the working area in the workshop, because it's shipping method allowed to have a certain Angle, can small slope climbing, and weight of plate chain because itself, can be transmitted have slope is stable. Then introduce a drum line, this type of assembly line is restricted by ship products rarely, because added block device, therefore more suitable for transporting volume concentration of enterprises, but also because of adding the jack-up translation device, and greatly reduces the need to be detected defect is not convenient, use the device even if have need repair or inspection of products, also won't affect the assembly line work. Then there is the belt type of assembly line, this kind of line is more suitable for electronic product producer, because its bearing capacity is limited, can only carry light products, basic no restrictions on the product shape, however, at the same time it focused plate chain and the advantages of the drum, it is because of this, it is more suitable for large space play its role in large venues, can also run the workshop, mainly because it can realize the long-distance transportation. Finally, differential transmission lines are introduced, the biggest advantages of this kind of assembly line can be set in the online accessories, such as manipulator and testing equipment for convenient for auxiliary operation.
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