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The emergence of new mesh belt conveyors is favored by manufacturers

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-26
The emergence of the new mesh belt conveyor is favored by manufacturers. The stainless steel mesh belt conveyor is a machine that uses stainless steel wire as a conveyor belt. The stainless steel mesh belt is driven by a gear chain to complete the conveying. The stainless steel mesh belt conveyor has unique characteristics. And advantages are widely used in the conveying industry, from earlier food conveying to the current drying conveying, cleaning conveying are inseparable from the mesh belt conveyor. Mesh belt conveyor? The design concept of, is: good ventilation, good drainage, large bearing capacity, and its own characteristics are: high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long life. These advantages coupled with advanced design have further established its position in the drying industry. The plastic mesh belt conveyor is a plastic mesh belt as a loading conveyor belt. It is a supplement to the conservative belt conveyor. It overcomes the shortcomings of the belt conveyor belt torn, punctured and corroded. It provides customers with a safe, fast and simple maintenance. The way of conveying.   After dozens of years, the mesh belt conveyor has been improving from design to operation, and new mesh belt conveyors have appeared every year. The conveying principle of the so-called new mesh belt conveyor is the same as the original one, but it is more reasonable in design and closer to automation in operation. The main point is that it uses an automatic tensioning mesh belt, so that the mesh belt conveyor will always be driven under a reasonable tension, which greatly reduces the wear of gears and chains, thereby extending the service life. This design is not There will be deviations of the mesh belt or gear skipping, so it is more convenient to use and the efficiency is improved a lot. The mesh belt conveyor we use daily is still the original open welding structure, and the environmental protection and energy saving characteristics of the mesh belt loading conveyor are very poor, which greatly reduces the added value of the mesh belt conveyor, and it is still the same and old efficiency year after year. As soon as small enterprises use it and complete high-end equipment, various deficiencies are fully revealed.
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