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The emergence of conveyors is improving the status quo of automated assembly line operations

by:YiFan Conveyor     2022-08-05

The emergence of conveyors is changing the status quo of automated assembly line operations. In the mid-17th century, the United States began to use overhead ropeway conveyors to transport bulk materials; in the mid-19th century, conveyor belt conveyors with various modern structures appeared one after another.

Belt conveyor belt equipment
In 1868, belt conveyor belt conveyors appeared in England; in 1887, appeared in the US

Screw conveyors; 1905, steel belt conveyors appeared in Switzerland; 1906, inertial conveyors appeared in England and Germany

machine. Since then, the conveyor belt conveyor has been continuously improved under the influence of technological progress in machinery manufacturing, electrical machinery, chemical industry and metallurgical industry.

, gradually from the completion of the transmission within the workshop, to the completion of the material handling within the enterprise, between enterprises and even between cities

, become an indispensable part of the mechanization and automation of the material handling system.

belts are generally based on the presence or absence of

Tractors to classify: belts with tractors generally include tractors, bearing members, driving devices, and tensioning devices

, redirecting devices and supports, etc. The traction member is used to transmit traction, which can be a conveyor belt, a traction chain or a steel wire rope;

The parts are used to hold materials, such as hoppers, brackets or spreaders, etc.; the driving device powers the conveyor, a

It is generally composed of electric motor, reducer and brake (stop), etc. The tensioning device generally has two types: screw type and heavy hammer type, which can make

The traction member maintains a certain tension and sag to ensure the normal operation of the conveyor belt; the supporting member is used to support the traction member or bearing member

, rollers, rollers, etc. can be used.

The structural features of the conveyor belt equipment with traction elements are:

The material is loaded in the bearing member connected with the traction member, or directly on the traction member (such as a conveyor belt), and the traction member bypasses the

Each loading conveyor or sprocket is connected end to end to form a closed loop including a loaded branch that transports material and an unloaded branch that does not transport material

Road, the material is conveyed by the continuous movement of the traction element.

There are many kinds of conveyor belt equipment, the main

There must be belt conveyors, slat conveyors, trolley conveyors, escalators, moving walks, scraper conveyors, buried scrapers

Slab conveyors, bucket conveyors, bucket elevators, suspension conveyors and aerial ropeways, etc.


The structure and composition of the conveyor belt equipment of the tractor are different, and the working components used for conveying materials are also different. their structure

Characteristics are: use the rotary motion or reciprocating motion of the working member, or use the flow of the medium in the pipeline to transport the material forward

. For example, the working component of a roller conveyor is a series of rollers, and the rollers make a rotating motion to convey materials;

The working member is a screw, and the screw rotates in the trough to push the material along the trough; the working member of the vibrating conveyor is the material

The trough, the trough reciprocates to transport the materials placed in it, etc.

Future Equipment

will develop towards large-scale development, expanding the scope of use, automatic sorting of materials, reducing energy consumption, reducing pollution, etc.

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