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The difference between mobile conveyor and ordinary conveyor

by:YiFan Conveyor     2021-07-05
Mobile conveyors are a type of conveyor. Many people seem to think that there is no difference between mobile conveyors and ordinary conveyors. In fact, this view is wrong. Mobile conveyors and ordinary conveyors are inherently very big. the difference. The structure of the mobile conveyor is different from that of the ordinary conveyor, but the components are roughly the same, and all have the following components. 1. belt. belt is one of the most expensive parts on mobile conveyors, as one of the most important parts in contact with materials. The conveyor belt carries most of the weight. 2. Idler Idler is one of the most numerous parts on the mobile conveyor, supporting the operation of the conveyor belt. 3. The roller roller includes an active roller and a reversing roller. The active roller provides power for the mobile conveyor, and the reversing roller can increase the wrap angle between the roller and the conveyor belt, increase friction, and change the running direction of the conveyor belt. 4. Driving device The driving device includes two ways: motor drive and electric drum drive. When making a purchase, the user can make a reservation or inform in advance which drive method to use. 4. Comparison of two kinds of mobile conveyors ①. The horizontal mobile conveyor is suitable for operations where the height is appropriate and does not need to be adjusted, and can be continuously conveyed, such as box trucks, logistics loading and unloading transportation. The fuselage is equipped with universal wheels, which is convenient to move. It is not only excellent in loading, but also can complete warehouse sorting, transfer and other tasks. The disadvantage of horizontal loading is that the height cannot be adjusted, and it is not suitable for occasions that require adjustment of the conveying angle. ②The mobile lifting mobile conveyor is suitable for occasions where the height needs to be adjusted, and for trucks, it can directly enter the interior without removing the truck baffle. It can effectively carry out the direct loading of bulk materials and packaging materials. The fuselage is equipped with a motor lifting device, which is convenient and quick to lift and does not require maintenance for single operation. It can be moved by an adult, which is especially suitable for the transfer operation of bulk materials and packaging materials. The disadvantage is: due to its fixed height, it is not suitable for low indoor occasions, not suitable for large-angle conveying, and not suitable for conveying materials with large sliding properties. 5. The mobile conveyor can be operated in the open air or indoors using maintenance, transportation, and loading, which is convenient for the transfer of bulk materials and packaging materials. In daily use, we should pay attention to the following points ①, to prevent the motor from burning due to overload, and do not start forcibly when the machine stops suddenly. ② When using a mobile lifting mobile conveyor, it is forbidden to stand underneath the machine to prevent dangerous accidents. ③ Check the tension of the conveyor belt regularly to ensure that the tension of the conveyor belt is sufficient, and adjust the running direction of the conveyor belt in time to ensure that the conveyor belt runs without failure. ④ Lubricate important parts regularly and replace damaged parts regularly to ensure the normal and good use of the conveyor. To sum up, the mobile conveyor is a kind of conveyor. The function of the conveyor is not much different from that of the ordinary conveyor. The difference is that the mobile conveyor is very convenient to move, lighter and more convenient. Lighter and more convenient, use more methods. It is widely used in grain depots and grain industry.
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